Double booking Sunday

2 Events tonight and twice the glamor and star quality!
Dolling up at Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel with our #GiantChampagneGlass and gorgeous Champagne Doll and Bellhop and then off to Beverly Hills with Hollywood Icon Marilyn Monroe and our va-va-voom Retro Showgirls- lots of “happy birthday” champagne wishes and unforgettable, one of a kind -sensational entertainment experiences!
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Branded Human Table lady tonight


onight’s branded event will be Dolling up for Yardi for a private event at the lovely Lowe’s Coronado in San Diego.

Our Client wanted our Champagne Table to have hues of greens and whites to match their brand and logo. We are excited to be a part of tonight’s celebrations and love making each event personalized just for each special client.
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Unforgettable for ALZGLA


othing is more special that doing what you love for a greater good!

Bella’s Dolls are honored to be asked back to UNFORGETTABLE Event for ALZGLA

We are looking forward to helping every way we can by Dolling up for an amazing cause! Super excited to be back with incredible folks like ALZGLA and to get a peek at a Special performance by Sara Bareilles and encouraging others to help support this amazing cause!

#DoWhatYouLove #GivingBack #ALZGLA #MrsBellasDolls #CandyGirls #BrandedTrays #DollingUpForAGreaterGood #FromTheHeart #TributeProductions #SecretLocation #SaraBareilles #Honored #Gratitude

100% of money raised benefits the Disney Family Fund of Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles, ensuring local families have access to essential programs, services, and resources regardless of race, ethnicity, religion,

sexual orientation, geography, age or socio-economic status.

Getting ready for the weekend

Costumes are packed & we are ready for a busy, busy weekend! Bella’s Double-double booking weekend with Giant Champagne Glass #ChampagneDolls for beautiful wedding at Anaheim Marriott and then off to Laguna with our Strolling Champagne Skirt, our beautiful #PanAm Dolls and our sexy #HaremDolls bringing the sparkle and glam to a very special private birthday party. Our Client wanted lots of sparkle and bling and we will be bringing it with our custom headpieces and costuming. We can’t wait to make magic! #MrsBellasDolls #ChampagneDolls #GiantChampagneGlass #GirlinGlass #retro #ChampagneDress #StrollingChampagneSkirt #evententertainment #weddingentertainment #unique #TributeProductions #PanAmgirls #Stewardess #Haremgirls #EifellTowerheadpiece #lavenderdress #stewardess #dancers #models #doublebookings #brandambassadors #greeters


Fun with Cox auto at MGM!

Tonight at the House of Blues

Tonight’s booking at The House of Blues has been in the works since April!

When we get a Client who represents something so special to us- we will go far above and beyond to make an idea they have in their mind  – a reality. We will spend the time to visualize, conceptualize, and draft up ideas until our Clients are satisfied! Hand creating costuming, branding, and carefully selecting the right performers to make sure we are on point for their Event.

Tonight’s Special VIP event for C.H.O.C is not only an important repeat Client of ours, their Event will be raising funds for Children’s Hospital (C.H.O.C) which was the very first of my volunteer locations I performed for as a Madonna lookalike many years ago and I will never forget that experience!

So tonight our Client wanted Mardi Gras theme!  so we will be serving it up for her in vivid colors and style with our beautiful SHOWGIRLS, CHAMPAGNE DOLLS, GIANT CHAMPAGNE GLASSES, STROLLING CHAMPAGNE SKIRTS and CIGARETTE GIRLS/ CASINO GIRLS- with all the costumes customized just for our special Client!

We love to be able to customize, brand and create our entertainment to cater each and every Client- as we take that much pride in every job we do!

Here is to tonight! and all the wonderful people who will be there to celebrate with Mrs. Bella’s Dolls to raise funds for such an important cause!!

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Beverly Hills Tennis Club


Were still celebrating the last of summer and will be dolling up a “Tropical Theme” private event tonight at the lovely Beverly Hills Tennis Club in Beverly Hills.

May your Labor Day weekend be as relaxing as a Tropical poolside party and should your party need some “Dolling Up” – you know who to call!

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Love that retro Glamor Girl look like our Bella’s Dolls?

Loving that Vintage glam Pin-Up Inspired look? check out this wonderful Makeup Tutorials for Retro Looks by the wonderful Azalea Pena

Mrs Bella's DollsSMLXL


Vintage and retro are back in style (but then again, were they ever not?)! To help you master the glamour and style of the 50’s, we’ve put together this vintage-inspired makeup and hair tutorial! Now every day can be a pinup girl day!

Makeup Tutorial | Vintage-Inspired Makeup

Get this look now!

I’m sure we can all agree that the pinup look is one of the best looks around. It’s feminine, strong, and in today’s day, unique. This look is great for any day and occasion and, if it’s not your usual daily wear, is fun to play around in and dress up with.

Let’s start channeling your inner Bettie Page!

Step 1 – Vintage-Inspired Makeup

Apply highlighter for a radiant glow.

Apply highlighter on the apples of your cheeks and under the arch of your eyebrows to create a healthy, natural-looking glow. To highlight the inner corners of your eyes, use a shimmery cream eyeshadow.

Step 2 – Vintage-Inspired Makeup

Contour your cheeks with a bronzer.

Using a bronzer, contour your cheeks to highlight your cheekbones.

Step 3 – Vintage-Inspired Makeup

Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks.

Apply a baby-pink blush on the apples of your cheeks.

Step 4 – Vintage-Inspired Makeup

Apply eyeshadows on the eyelids.

Using a neutral palette, pick the eyeshadow color closest to your skin tone and apply it on your eyelids. Next, pick the lightest shade and apply it on the inner corner of your eyes and below your eyebrows’ arch (on top of the highlighter you applied earlier).

Step 5 – Vintage-Inspired Makeup

Using brown eyeshadow, use your eyeshadow brush and focus at the base of the crease to achieve a gradient look.

Using a medium-to-dark brown eyeshadow, create a deep crease and diffuse it with an eyeshadow brush.

Step 6 – Vintage-Inspired Makeup

Create a winged eyeliner.

With an eyeliner pencil (we prefer liquid, but use whichever you feel most comfortable with), create your winged eyeliner look. Learn how to do winged eyeliner here.

Step 7 – Vintage-Inspired Makeup

Apply wax underneath the eyebrows to create a defined edge

Frame and define your eyebrows using wax and fill them in as necessary.

Step 8 – Vintage-Inspired Makeup

Apply flirty faux eyelashes.

To make your eyes really stand out, use false eyelashes. Dont’ be afraid; the pinup girl look is about channeling your feminine energy and going all out!

Step 9 – Vintage-Inspired Makeup

Apply your favorite shade of red lipstick!

To finish your makeup look off, apply bold red lipstick. Tip: applying lip tint before the lipstick will help the color stay vibrant for a longer period of time.

Step 1 – Vintage-Inspired Hair

Section hair and divide evenly.

Now it’s time to make some victory rolls! To get started, create a side part and then section your hair from your hairline to your ears (~ 3 inches) on both sides. Pull the rest of your hair back to make sure it doesn’t get mixed in with the part that you’ve sectioned off.

Step 2 – Vintage-Inspired Hair

Grabbing small sections, curl your hair in the same direction.

Now it’s time to curl your hair! When curling, be sure to create the curls away from your face and only grab small sections at a time. After you’ve curled your sections, secure the curls with a pin or clip.

Step 3 – Vintage-Inspired Hair

Once the hair cools down, remove the pins and apply hairspray to help keep the curls in place.

Once you’ve finished curling your hair, remove the clips/pins to let your hair loose.

Step 4 – Vintage-Inspired Hair

Comb the hair and apply hairspray to tame frizz.

Comb your curls to smooth them out and apply hairspray to tidy up any loose ends (or hairs).

Step 5 – Vintage-Inspired Hair

Create victory rolls.

We’re almost there! This is the last step to your pinup girl look. To create victory rolls, roll your hair twice around your fingers to create a donut shape (mmm, donuts). Once your donut is formed, secure it with a pin and move on to your next victory roll.

Ta-da – Vintage Inspired Makeup and Hair

Now you’re ready for the pinup girl calendar!

You’re all set to go!

#mrsbellasdolls #pinupgirls #makeuphelp #howto #tutorial #retorhair #glamor

Karma Cars & Champagne dresses!!


Saturday night and we are ready to bring on the glam and Doll up TWO private events tonight!

Our 1st stop; the luxury KARMA CARS Event with our beautiful “California Dolls” with branded costuming- what would be better than having your own personal information on our beautiful models!?

2nd stop; Beautiful Laguna Beach with our amazing Champagne Dress that will stroll through the night making sure everyone has a glass of bubbly- Mrs. Bella’s style!!

It’s a Doll weekend and we can’t wait to make it an unforgettable one!!

Book the best! #mrsbellasdolls #champagnedress #brandedcostumes #brandedtrays #champagnedolls #tributeproductions #karmacars #californiagirls

Face Book Holiday Event in New York!

We had a blast entertaining FACE BOOK last night in New York – thumbs up to a wonderful party Face Book! #facebookholidayparty2016 #newyork #logobranding #models #pinupgirls #malemodels #facebookparty #mrsbellasdolls #1940s #salute #facebookbranding #intrepid  #militarytheme