Winter Wonderland Human Table

Our Winter Wonderland Human Strolling Table was hand designed with a Holiday theme in mind. Guests loved getting their photos with our LED light up Strolling Table lady #snowqueen #winterwonderland #tributeproductions #rollingtableskirt #strollingtables #humantables #mrsbellasdolls #holidayentertainment #LED #LEDcostume #LEDcrowns #snowflakecostume1snowqueentable3

Marilyn Monroe human table tonight

Talk about bringing the bubbly!! our beautiful Marilyn Monroe lookalike will be performing in our human strolling table tonight bringing all the glam and sparkle to a Casino theme night – we love to surprise our guests with extra glamour girl fun!! #humantable #marilynmonroehumantable #champagnetable #LED #LEDstrollinghumantable #champagnedress #casinotheme #casinonight #elvisandmarilyn #hollywoodtheme
#lookalikes #TGIF #partytime #tributeproductions

Day 1 at The Hilton

It’s day 1 for us at the lovely Hilton Anaheim. We are excited and looking forward to bringing “Hollywood” to the folks of Sopruma for the next 3 days & nights!! Happy Saturday friends! #tributeproductions #celebritylookalikes #rockandrolltheme #bodyguards #oldhollywood #sophialorenlookalike #marilynmonroelookalike #liztaylorlookalike #privateevent #candygirls #models #beauty #oldglamour #icons

Gentlemen prefer blondes Dolls

Do you love classic Hollywood films and starlet icons like Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Russel? so did our adorable client from last weekends event at The Jonathan Club. Not only did we feature Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Russel but we had our famous Champagne Girls in rolling champagne dresses, we had our iconic Candy Girls as usherettes handing out chocolate cigars, candy cigarettes and long cigarette holders. The classic Big Band sounds of Irby Gascon as Frank Sinatra and a surprise visit from Dino himself!  and we loved performing these iconic characters for them and their guests even more!!

See more Marilyn, Jayne, Big Band Shows, Champagne Dolls, Candy Girls at let us bring you back to the Golden age of glamor!

#gentlemenpreferblondes #marilynmonroelookalike #jaynerusselimpersonator #franksinatrashow #ratpak #bigband #champagnedress #strollingchampagneskirt #usherette #candygirl #oldhollywood #privateevent #jonathanclub #tributeproductions #mrsbellasdolls

Bette Davis? or Joan Craw? Mrs. Bella’s Dolls will be there!


Who is your favorite Hollywood diva actress?

It’s a Hollywood DIVA Icon weekend with 2 movie star theme events. We are extra excited to be a part of this fabulous event tomorrow night! #whodoesnotloveagoodgirlfight #feud #bettedavis #joancrawford #doublearies #divas #mrsbellasdolls #usherettes #moviescreening #ushers #candygirls #pillboxhats #cinespia #popcorngirls

Triple booking weekend from Valentine’s Day to Mardi Gras!


Triple booking weekend from Valentine’s Day to Mardi Gras!
Getting ready for another creative and busy weekend of bookings. Three bookings and three totally different themes! oh my!
Client # 1 needs Mardi Gras Champagne Dolls and Candy Girls Showgirls , Client # 2 wants roses and white for her Human Strolling Tables and Client # 3 wants white fabrics and faces for her Human Champagne Strolling Tables and is allowing me help with the visual direction 😁😆 We love customizing things to make it special for each of our special clients and look forward to an amazing weekend where we make unforgettable visual experiences that will last a lifetime! #Mardigras #neworleans #mardigrasshowgirls #champagnedolls #mardigrasentertainment #valentinesdayentertainment #valentinesdaytheme #humanstrollingtables #humantables #giantchampagneglass #weddingentertainment #fourseasonshotel #beverlyhills #rollingtablegirl #tablegirl #evententertainment #roses #masks #customcostuming

Rat Pak party

This is exactly why we carefully select which performers go on which job bookings; “Hi Bella, The party was great! your team was on time and excellent to work with!! Both Irby and Jennifer were a true pleasure to have at our event. I received many compliments throughout the party and this morning about Irby! He sounded and looked great. He was self sufficient in getting loaded in and out and set up!Jennifer was awesome, looked amazing, perfectly fit and made our theme, and was super self sufficient in restocking her tray with our Chocolate cigars and regular cigars, matches and cutters! I would definitely use them and/or your company again! You’ve been a real pleasure and breeze to work with! Thank you”! Amy Spaulding, CMP

It takes a team!

Do you know what is takes to make your party happen!?
When booking an event or casting for a show, much time and ground work is involved no matter the size of the booking scale.
We know all too well that in one booking there are many facets of the design. When we get the call from our client, we immediately begin the planning stages to bring a vision to life. And within that vision is an entire crew of experts to make that dream a reality.
It begins with our leader Bella who discusses the wants and needs of the client typically over the phone or through many e-mail conversations. Bella makes sure she is crystal clear on how and what the client is hoping to create for their event or film project. After numerous communications between client and Bella, the creative process begins.
Bella maps out details in precise formation with swatches of fabrics, hand written drawings that map out each idea, costume, look, color scheme, and style of entertainment requested.
What is needed for each request? Bella gets many calls from casting directors or for film or tv project where big named casting companies rely on Bella’s savvy casting abilities to find that “impossible to find” actor or model.
Perhaps someone is planning a Great Gatsby Party or another themed entertainment where there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle- and need someone with years of experience and a strong talent pool to put together the night.
Many times events need personal, professional writers to map out the script and dialogue.
Bella then begins to make the calls to her well thought out team of experts whom will begin the creating process right with her. Dance captain and choreographer Tonya Vivian will begin the visuals of what she will start to choreograph while musical director Irby Gascon starts mapping out the sound, sound track and all of the PA and musical aspects of the event. With the choreographer and music director in place, the creative part of the process is ready.
Tonya will carefully hand select the dancers and begin mapping out the choreography. The dancers are picked by their technique of dance, and stage presence and ability to bring the client’s vision to life. The dancers are cast by Bella on their ability, look and most importantly their integrity to work as a team and represent Tribute Productions in the most professional way. The dance team is a group of working professional dancers who all come together to make the performance a success.
Many times other professional experts are brought in to help with any props, red carpets, lighting or atmosphere entertainment that Tribute is so well known for. For every event, Bella will custom costume all of the performers. She will work with her client and even create custom product branding on all of her custom costumes.
There is an in-house seamstress to help with custom costuming in which Bella works directly one on one with to map out costuming and to make sure each stitch is exactly as needed.
Musicians, actors, and specialty talents may be called to fill in all the missing pieces of the event theme.
Many times a specific casting call may need to happen to cast a model, or Hollywood double to fit the role of the booking.
Then there is a crew that will help load everything into the event and help pack it all up.
All in one night work!
They say “it takes a village” and in the case of booking a live event, casting for a TV show, putting together a party or even just a very small personal appearance- the team of experts it takes to make an event “the most memorable” really does rely on our team of the best.
We are proud to say how good we feel knowing we put our clients in the best hands possible to not only bring their vision to life, but to make and create that life into their vision!262298_1638670987024_1844275873_1018819_2295916_n-2

Great Gatsby today!!

So much fun today at the gorgeous Broadway Palace Apartments with our Great Gatsby Crew -Happy Holiday party Season!! #greatgatsby #dancers #flappers #charleston #holidayparty #oldgglamor #broadwaypalaceapartments #speakeasy #dancersla #1920sthemeparty #oldhollywood #mrsbellasdolls #tributeproductions