Back to New York!


rs. Bella’s Dolls are proud to say we are back in the Big Apple for one of our special clients who have asked us back for year number 5 to Doll up Marcanudo for Equinix.

Our retro 1940’s cigar girls have their branded trays offering hand cut cigars and of course a selfie to each and every guest pin-up Bella’s Dolls Style!

Grateful to be back in New York! Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas

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Unforgettable for ALZGLA


othing is more special that doing what you love for a greater good!

Bella’s Dolls are honored to be asked back to UNFORGETTABLE Event for ALZGLA

We are looking forward to helping every way we can by Dolling up for an amazing cause! Super excited to be back with incredible folks like ALZGLA and to get a peek at a Special performance by Sara Bareilles and encouraging others to help support this amazing cause!

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100% of money raised benefits the Disney Family Fund of Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles, ensuring local families have access to essential programs, services, and resources regardless of race, ethnicity, religion,

sexual orientation, geography, age or socio-economic status.

Fun with Cox auto at MGM!

Bella’s Dolls in NYC



Mrs. Bella’s Dolls will be there September 12- come by & meet the Dolls New York and surrounding area! Don’t miss out on your chance to meet Charlotte Tilbury and her Global Artistry Team to discover all about her Hollywood Beauty Secrets! On Sept 12, Charlotte will be at Bergdorf Goodman followed by an appearance at Bloomingdale’s 59th St on Sept 14. Details here:

Bella’s Dolls for Alzheimer’s Los Angeles tonight

Super excited and honored to be asked back to this very special Event tonight with Cigarette Girls & Candy Girls by Mrs. Bella’s Dolls– we are ready to #dollup! #mrsbellasdolls #candygirls #cigarettegirls #models #pinupgirls #brandedtrays #alzheimerslosangeles #agreatcause #givefromtheheart #jenniferholiday #broadway #broadwaysinger18157238_10155179565318788_4810102560546620978_n

Rat Pak party

This is exactly why we carefully select which performers go on which job bookings; “Hi Bella, The party was great! your team was on time and excellent to work with!! Both Irby and Jennifer were a true pleasure to have at our event. I received many compliments throughout the party and this morning about Irby! He sounded and looked great. He was self sufficient in getting loaded in and out and set up!Jennifer was awesome, looked amazing, perfectly fit and made our theme, and was super self sufficient in restocking her tray with our Chocolate cigars and regular cigars, matches and cutters! I would definitely use them and/or your company again! You’ve been a real pleasure and breeze to work with! Thank you”! Amy Spaulding, CMP

The best Brand Ambassador Models representing YOUR product brand!


When big corporate companies like INTEL call with a deadline of one week needing 24 + brand ambassador models to work at a very prestigious awards show for their VIP’s but only have about 5 days to make it happen- who do they turn to!? Mrs. Bella’s Dolls!

There are very few companies who could have pulled this off- with 24 hours to create custom costumes, branded cigarette girl trays, and 24 of the most professional, lovely models to make it all come together! Bella not only made it happen, but the guests were so impressed, the management at The Dolby told her “Mrs. Bella’s Dolls were the best they had ever seen” (and we know they see a lot)!

Many big names in cosmetics, film companies, TV directors, corporate CEO’s have all relied on Bella’s Dolls to professionally represent their brand because they know they can count on getting the most respected company around.

If you are gearing up to promote a new big release or are in the process of rebranding, this post is for you. Mrs. Bella’s Dolls. Our dolls become your brand at any event. Your brand is literally brought to life with our Dolls. For every event, we produce custom-made costumes. These costumes allow our brand ambassadors to represent your company in the most unique way.

The best part about our unique one of a kind branding, no matter what you sell or who you are, this marketing technique will work for you. There’s nothing better for your potential customers than to see your brand in action. The idea behind our branded costumes, props and trays, is that people get the whole picture of what your brand is about and the message your brand aims to give.

Let’s say you sell a new kind of bottled water. The bottle may speak for itself to an extent, however, a life size prop goes so much further at an event launch. If you want people to know that your water is fresh, clean and aimed towards those who love adventure, they may not receive that message from a simple label. When you launch the product, brand ambassadors, complete with custom costumes, can help to deliver that message. Once your brand is established, the possibilities are endless. We understand that hiring brand ambassadors is just one piece of the branding process, but we promise that it’s incredibly helpful!

Mrs. Bella’s Dolls plan each event carefully and do absolutely everything to represent your brand to its highest potential.Just ask Intel, or the hundreds of incredible corporate clients we have had the wonderful opportunity to represent.

Contact us for brand ambassador representation at your next big event!


Bella’s Dolls for INTEL!

Bella’s Dolls dolling up the lovely Dolby Theater last night for Intel #intel #cookiegirls #candygirls #mrsbellasdolls #traybranding #1930s #classichollywood #awardshow #dancers #cigarettegirls

Day 3 with Bella’s Dolls in Del Amo

Bella's Dolls with Beauty Bloggers

Today is Day 3 (final day in Del Amo) to stop by and meet us in person

Come see Beauty Bloggers, Make Up Artists and other fun Media Celebs

and of course Hollywood’s hottest Retro Pin Up Girls Mrs. Bella’s Dolls