LED Champagne Tables- Las Vegas


ringing the light with our custom branded LED Human Champagne Table Lady to the lovely the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas tonight for Snowflake Computing

We love lighting up the room and lighting up the faces of our clients with our beautiful custom creations. Would you like to see your logo and brand name UP IN LIGHTS? contact us now to see how you can book your very own custom LED Champagne Table or Champagne Dress

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Branded Human Table lady tonight


onight’s branded event will be Dolling up for Yardi for a private event at the lovely Lowe’s Coronado in San Diego.

Our Client wanted our Champagne Table to have hues of greens and whites to match their brand and logo. We are excited to be a part of tonight’s celebrations and love making each event personalized just for each special client.
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The best Brand Ambassador Models representing YOUR product brand!


When big corporate companies like INTEL call with a deadline of one week needing 24 + brand ambassador models to work at a very prestigious awards show for their VIP’s but only have about 5 days to make it happen- who do they turn to!? Mrs. Bella’s Dolls!

There are very few companies who could have pulled this off- with 24 hours to create custom costumes, branded cigarette girl trays, and 24 of the most professional, lovely models to make it all come together! Bella not only made it happen, but the guests were so impressed, the management at The Dolby told her “Mrs. Bella’s Dolls were the best they had ever seen” (and we know they see a lot)!

Many big names in cosmetics, film companies, TV directors, corporate CEO’s have all relied on Bella’s Dolls to professionally represent their brand because they know they can count on getting the most respected company around.

If you are gearing up to promote a new big release or are in the process of rebranding, this post is for you. Mrs. Bella’s Dolls. Our dolls become your brand at any event. Your brand is literally brought to life with our Dolls. For every event, we produce custom-made costumes. These costumes allow our brand ambassadors to represent your company in the most unique way.

The best part about our unique one of a kind branding, no matter what you sell or who you are, this marketing technique will work for you. There’s nothing better for your potential customers than to see your brand in action. The idea behind our branded costumes, props and trays, is that people get the whole picture of what your brand is about and the message your brand aims to give.

Let’s say you sell a new kind of bottled water. The bottle may speak for itself to an extent, however, a life size prop goes so much further at an event launch. If you want people to know that your water is fresh, clean and aimed towards those who love adventure, they may not receive that message from a simple label. When you launch the product, brand ambassadors, complete with custom costumes, can help to deliver that message. Once your brand is established, the possibilities are endless. We understand that hiring brand ambassadors is just one piece of the branding process, but we promise that it’s incredibly helpful!

Mrs. Bella’s Dolls plan each event carefully and do absolutely everything to represent your brand to its highest potential.Just ask Intel, or the hundreds of incredible corporate clients we have had the wonderful opportunity to represent.

Contact us for brand ambassador representation at your next big event!


A living interactive extension of your brand.

A living interactive extension of your brand.

A living interactive extension of your brand.
Mrs. Bella’s Dolls have been called to represent some of the biggest names in the beauty and entertainment industry representing some major names like RIMMEL, MTV, GWEN STEFANI and SONY PICTURES to name a few. Mrs. Bella has in depth conversations with each and every client to find out specific needs to help bring the brand to life and give her clients an interactive opportunity to watch their logos and branding come to life.
Custom costuming and interactive brand ambassador models will bring the biggest names to life and give guests an opportunity to engage, interact and enjoy the brand on a whole new, living experience. Would you like Bella to give your brand a whole new living interactive experience for your potential clients and customers? Email her today to bring your brand to life! info@tributeproductions.com

Bella’s Dolls represent your brand

When you watch television commercials, you see that the actors in the commercial are communicating something. By the end of 20 seconds or so, you feel happy, sad, amused, or plain confused. There’s a certain scene that is set in the short duration of a commercial. The television advertisements that are the most effective have jingles that stick with us, images we remember and even tell stories. A live event can be compared to that of a television commercial. The only difference is you have a lot more time for branding and advertising opportunities.

Our Champagne Girls set the scene for a sexy evening with their strolling champagne tables and proper attire. The reason these girls are so effective at events is that they provide entertainment and are part of the action that partygoers experience. While our dancers aren’t selling a product per say, they’re selling the setting of your party or event. Our girls can in fact be a part of advertising your product as they stroll through the party with branded trays of products. This is the perfect way to get the name out about your product and give people a unique association to remember it by. Our girls will dress the part, and our management will work with your business or organization in order to help our girls best represent your brand. So, what are you waiting for? Give Bella’s Champagne Dolls a call and make your next event an advertising advantage!

We can brand our clients name on:

· Our cigarette girl and candy girl trays
· Our human strolling tables
· On our brand ambassador models costuming
· On our strolling champagne skirts IMG_2196