Masquerade theme tonight for Bella’s Dolls


Tonight we will be Dolling up at the lovely Hotel Maya DoubleTree by Hilton with our Masquerade Human Strolling Tables offering delightful treats to all! We look forward to bringing our Clients ideas to life and creating something magical! Happy weekend friends! #MrsBellasDolls #Champagnetable #Humantable #humantablelady
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Beverly Hills Tennis Club


Were still celebrating the last of summer and will be dolling up a “Tropical Theme” private event tonight at the lovely Beverly Hills Tennis Club in Beverly Hills.

May your Labor Day weekend be as relaxing as a Tropical poolside party and should your party need some “Dolling Up” – you know who to call!

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Bella’s Dolls for NYX (again!)

We are thrilled to be back with our repeat clients and amazing cosmetic brand NYX for a VIP Event at The Andaz in West Hollywood where guests from all over the globe will be treated to a VIP experience Classic Hollywood style and we are honored to be a part of all that Hollywood glam!! stay tuned for more at #livingforface

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Dancin Dolls this weekend

Rehearsal day for these beauties ~ getting ready for the weekend 1920s style Big thanks to our incredible dance captain Tonya Vivian and our gorgeous dancers Coree and Melena and Tonya #flapperdancers #danceshow #gatsbytheme #charleston #fringeandfeathers #1920s #flappers #candygirls #mrsbellasdolls #dancindolls #showtime #rehearsals #dancerslosangeles #booking #tributeproductions #doublehitter #doublebookings #champagnedolls1622363_10201451555278436_2107105152_o

Getting Shi-Shi-Shi with Kevin Lee


We love this adorable shot with beautiful Miss Allikat and the incredible celeb event designer Kevin Lee from Saturday’s private party. Over all the years and all the different event planner’s we have the privilege to work with, Kevin is definitely one of our all-time favorites and we love to dollop for every one of his fabulous and gorgeous events. #kevinlee #mrsbellasdolls #dancers #candygirl #showtime #malibu #ilovehats #1940sinspired #pinupgirl #fasinator #bigbow #eventdesigner #shishishi #cigargirl #fashion #blackhat

Winter Wonderland Human Table

Our Winter Wonderland Human Strolling Table was hand designed with a Holiday theme in mind. Guests loved getting their photos with our LED light up Strolling Table lady #snowqueen #winterwonderland #tributeproductions #rollingtableskirt #strollingtables #humantables #mrsbellasdolls #holidayentertainment #LED #LEDcostume #LEDcrowns #snowflakecostume1snowqueentable3

How Dance changed my life

Dance has always been a part of human culture, rituals and celebrations.  Dancing is an enjoyable way to be more physically active and stay fit. For some it is a career and way of life.
For me, I started dancing lessons at age 9 when my sister found a flyer to try a local class of ballet and tap. I was curious to say the least and can honestly say, after begging mom to let us try a class, that decision changed my life forever.
Since that very first ballet class at the Legion Hall in Laguna Beach, I knew dance would be a part of my life somehow, some way!
I was blessed to have a teacher who took notice of my natural drive and potential to learn, and my teacher even offered free lessons to me just to keep me coming to class when times were harder for my parents to pay for lessons. Thanks to the generous heart of my first dance teacher for seeing something in me, that spark and ability to learn quickly- my life direction was somehow put in place like a perfect puzzle piece and synced with a life purpose at a very early age. Because of my love for movement, for discipline, and music and bringing it all to life as an expression through my body, dance became like food for a starving soul.
The way dance felt in my heart, the way dancing made me feel in my body, to stretch beyond my ideas of what I was able to do, and push past the pains and aches to grow. To work towards something positive was a perfect metaphor for life.  It helped me develop my ability to go from awkward un-sure little girl to grace and confidence in myself. And no matter how much bullying or mean kid experiences I may have had to face, I always had dance to light my way and help me keep my head high.
Dance became my heart and soul, my best friend and something that kept me out of trouble in my teenage years :).
It was a thing I would wait all week to experience again and again- awaiting anxiously to see my teacher and fellow students. To see if my technique had improved in one weeks time, what new routine would we be learning, and hopefully become better at the choreography and craft.
My mother could not deny the sparkle in my eyes when I would tell her stories about class that week, and what songs we were dancing to, or how hard or easy the steps were for me.
My parents encouraged me to dance, and even put up with the noise when I would put on my tap shoes and tap all day and night at the house next door that was under construction with the perfect wood flooring to tear up. Dancing away on a perfect flat wood floor just me and my taps, dancing to the sounds of the ocean crashing. Life was perfect at the wood skeleton of a house that over looked the beautiful ocean skyline. I would dance until the orange sun rays disappeared behind the ocean floor.
My heart was full and all reality of time and space completely disappeared for me when I danced.
Dance was my soul and the love of my life. I became dance- and dance became me!
How blessed I felt that I was able to utilize my dance into my later career as a performer and to this day I call upon my choreography experience to produce dance shows for my companies.
Today I hire professional dancers and choreographers for many events, corporate parties, Gatsby theme parties, private parties. I LOVE that just like my 1st dance teacher Pauline, I too can help ignite a dream for other dancers. With my talent agency, I can watch dancers live their dream and fulfill a hope to share their beautiful gifts with the world.
What moves me most now days, is to see my daughter with that same sparkle in her eyes when she is in class dancing.
Dance has come full circle for me- and my hope is that the circle continues.
Dance is far more than something you do for an hour or two in a class room.
Dance is an energy within each of our bodies that should be expressed in whatever form it can. Dance is very much a passion within each of us that needs an outlet to strive and survive.
There is no such thing as “I don’t know how to dance”.
Each of us have our own unique dial that we can tune into and allow to release through our bodies if we just have the courage to.
So I encourage each of you to “dance like no one is watching”- your heart and soul will thank you!
If you don’t believe me that dance will make you a happier, more vibrant person- check out the health benefits that are statistically proven;
  • improved condition of your heart and lungs
  • increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness
  • increased aerobic fitness
  • improved muscle tone and strength
  • weight management
  • stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis
  • better coordination, agility and flexibility
  • improved balance and spatial awareness
  • increased physical confidence
  • improved mental functioning
  • improved general and psychological wellbeing
  • greater self-confidence and self-esteem
  • better social skills.

There is a style for everyone…

  • Ballet – mostly performed to classical music, this dance style focuses on strength, technique and flexibility.
  • Ballroom dancing – this involves a number of partner-dancing styles such as the waltz, swing, foxtrot, rumba and tango.
  • Belly dancing – originating in the Middle East, this dance style is a fun way to exercise.
  • Hip-hop – performed mostly to hip-hop music, this urban dance style can involve breaking, popping, locking and freestyling.
  • Jazz – a high-energy dance style involving kicks, leaps and turns to the beat of the music.
  • Pole dancing – has become increasingly popular as a form of exercise. It involves sensual dancing with a vertical pole, and requires muscle endurance, coordination, and upper- and lower-body strength.
  • Salsa – involving a mixture of Caribbean, Latin American and African influences, salsa is usually a partner dance and emphasises rhythms and sensuality.
  • Square-dancing – a type of folk dancing where four couples dance in a square pattern, moving around each other and changing partners.
  • Tap dancing – focuses on timing and beats. The name originates from the tapping sounds made when the small metal plates on the dancer’s shoes touch the ground
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Champagne Dolls in giant glass July 8 Universal


We are so excited to bring our bubbly giant champagne glass to a beautiful private wedding at Universal Studios this Saturday July 8. We can’t wait to WOW the guests and especially our (repeat) clients. Bring on Bella’s Champagne Dolls to make the event unforgettable! #champagnegirl #champagnedolls #giantchampagneglass #giantglass #girlinglass #glamor #vintage #retro #inspired #burlesque #pinup #beauty #mrsbellasdolls #tributeproductions #bookus #haveglasswilltravel #giantprop #bubbly #uniqueentertainment #talentagency #evententertainment

Cracker Jax Dolls this weekend Happy 4th

Getting ready for a Dolled up weekend and what a perfect fit for the 4th of July than our CRACKER JAX DOLLS for a private event in Malibu ~ we’re red, white, blue and ready to Doll up for you!! #mrsbellasdolls #happy4thofjuly #independenceday #crackerjaxdolls #crackerjackgirls #patriotic #sailorgirls #privateevent #privateparty #nauticaltheme #retro #girlswithtrays #redwhiteandblue #pinupgirls

Bella’s Dolls + Kat Von D!

When being a creative person working in a bustling business savvy world, it is most important to have a clear idea on what is important, what your brand stands for and to stay authentic to the brand you have built.  Sometimes it is easy to feel motivated to book a job (or sell a product) by how large the outcome will be. Perhaps the client has a big budget but not exactly “in line” with who we are as a brand. Some times client will dangle the “great exposure” carrot or “there will be lots of celebrity presence” as a result of our work together.

Maybe the client wants us to sell something that is completely against who we morally –

In the age of social media rankings, popularity on a IMBD page, or how many “likes” a post has received- it can seem all too easy to slip away into the darkness of soulless branding.

If you are running your own business or working for another, chances are this has happened to you.

How can one stay upbeat about going to work, or working hard for themselves and still making an income?



There is nothing better in your work than to connect with other like-minded business partners to bring your brands to life knowing that both your integrity and personal beliefs can unite into one blissful business venture. One brand inspires the other and new possibilities are boundless.

Sure we all want to make money, and it is not always easy to turn down a client who is ready to make a deal but when your intentions get compromised for the sake of the sell- then is that truly a happy success?! Most millionaires will tell you that chasing money was not always the thing that satisfied.


When we are able to shine being authentic as to who we are on the inside- then everything on the outside will shine even brighter-

Be you- there is only one of you and this ride of life goes quickly-

Your business and your brand are a facet of who you are, what you believe and what you want to add to this world- so when you are thinking about how to sell your product- think about how you can do that with others of  like minds-you will be amazed how things will unfold with grace and ease.


When we get calls from amazing clients like KAT VON D to represent her new line of all vegan cosmetics with lots of pin up brassiness yet highlighting our brand of pin up classiness- then it is a WIN-WIN! #branding #tributeproductions #mrsbellasdolls #katvond #vegan #likeminds #authenticself #sinnersandsaints #noanimaltesting #crueltyfree #models #brandambassadors #pinupgirls #dancers


Mrs. Bella’s Dolls are thrilled to be dolling up a private event for repeat (and awesome) client KAT VON D at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel representing SINNERS AND SAINTS all new vegan line of fragrance –