On set for TLC channel today

We are so super excited to be on set today for TLC (TV channel) without beautiful #BubbleBallerina for a very special surprise appearance- more details and showtimes to follow #TLCchannel #onset #TVshoot #giantorb #ballerinainabubble #onpoint #ballerina #LED #Ledballerina #LEDcostume #TributeProductions #MrsBellasDolls #pointshoes #Giantsnowglobe #TVshoot #TheWhiteHouse #filmingday #dancer #snowtheme #snowglobe #casting #webookdancers #beautiful

Bella’s Dolls for INTEL!

Bella’s Dolls dolling up the lovely Dolby Theater last night for Intel #intel #cookiegirls #candygirls #mrsbellasdolls #traybranding #1930s #classichollywood #awardshow #dancers #cigarettegirls

24 Dolls on the 24th! + 4 Doll Bookings!

Wow! we knew September would be the start of our busy season but wow!

From working The Dolby in Hollywood (24! Dolls on the 24th!) to our Strolling Human Tables Masquerade Strolling Tables in San Clemente, to our Life size Champagne Glass in Irvine, to Tux Tail Dolls in Beverly Hills- we have it covered! All in one night!

We are the experts of Classic Hollywood Pin Up Girls, Models, Showgirls, Candy Girls, Retro Showgirls, Champagne Dolls, Strolling Tables & Strolling Skirts-

call the best Mrs. Bella’s Dolls 818-903-7158     http://www.mrsbellasdolls.com

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What is takes to become a Doll


WHAT IT TAKES TO BECOME A DOLL; What an amazing opportunity to be hired to do what you love. That’s what all the great teachers teach- when your heart leads your way you can never go wrong.

With the Mrs. Bella’s Dolls brand, I personally created a job in which I wanted to work it myself. I wanted to create an opportunity to use a little bit of niche acting skills, all my years of dance and comedy, super glam costumes and hair and somehow “entertain” people. As I grew more and more into the Miss Bella role, I realized how amazing it was to engage with people, get to know perfect strangers, help them remissness to the glamor girls of Classic Hollywood bringing that style to life for them to experience and of course bring them treats from my tray.

Along the Bella’s Doll journey, I also created a space to bring in more girls with the same passion and vision as myself. That was more than 16 years ago, and today Bella’s Dolls is one of the most successful retro pin up girl companies. Bella’s Dolls was Hollywood’s very first candy girl company and if the saying is true that “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”- then we are flattered! It seems everyone wants to be a Bella’s Doll! we love being the pioneers to bring back the classic cigarette girl!

So what does it take to become a Bella’s Doll!? (we get asked this one a lot)-

We are quite specific about who we hire to represent our brand so here are just some of what we look for when hiring our girls;

* Integrity. You would think beautiful looks would be #1 but we actually look for models who have integrity to their character. A girl who makes choices from the heart and displays her class in all she does. Are you motivated by money only? or do you make choices from joy and passion? we prefer to hire the the happy, joyful types who make integrity a priority of their character. Jayne Russell in GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES who married for love is right up our alley!

*Professionalism. A savvy girl who can make the best of any situation with a Grace Kelly smile. Working as a Doll may find you in many different situations so a professional girl will need to go with the flow and always remain elegant and charming even if she is not feeling that on the inside. Our regular working Dolls know how to keep the grace in all situations.

*Face and legs. Of course to be a Bella’s beauty great legs are always a crowd pleaser and giving good face is important too, but we believe each female has her own unique beautiful face so knowing how to enhance your natural beauty and bring the red lips and lashes to life will get you hired. Can you become your favorite bombshell with hair and make-up?

* Taking direction. Bella’s bookings have lots of details so it’s very important to read job sheets well and clear, and pay attention to all the wordy details. Some times the job bookings change on a moments notice, so its important to listen to the clients needs and take direction on any new changes on the job. A good listener and reader is something we always notice and will book girls based on this detail alone for some jobs where we need to rely on all the small details.

*Sweet as candy. We only hire girls who have a genuine sweetness in who they are. Are you as sweet as the candy in the trays? that is what we look for. Not only sweet with us, the clients and guests, but to the other Bella’s Dolls you are working with. Bella’s Dolls pride themselves with being “like family” and that is the tone we like to keep. We look for genuine sweetness.

*Acting & Entertaining. We love girls who can bring something to the role of dancer, Champagne Doll, or candy girl. Be it on stage or in the ballrooms, our Dolls have a way with what they do that they make an entrance on every event booking. Can you add something to your part? we need much more than a pretty girl holding a tray. Can you be so memorable that the client requests you back? we make notes of which girls get the requests.

*Gratitude. Finally one of the most important factors to us is gratitude. We realize models, dancers and actresses want to work, and we feel like we offer a fun & great opportunity that pays great- so we hope whoever we hire never forget to say “thank you”. When you express gratitude- you will always create more abundance in your life. A true and honest happiness that beams from within will shine in your energy and it can be infectious- so share your gratitude generously and watch what happens. We love grateful girls who are not afraid to let us know they love working with us and show it.

*Become a Doll. So if you feel you have all the requirements to become a Mrs. Bella’s Doll you can email us a recent un-touched up head shot and body shot and bio to info@tributeproductions.com

Tell us your special skills and why you would like to become a Doll.



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Champagne Dolls this weekend

Bella’s Dolls are getting ready for the weekend with our Champagne Dolls by Mrs. Bella’s Dolls booked in Laguna tomorrow and then off to our photo shoot ❤ Summertime is the best time for our bathing beauties to Doll up your Event! #1940s #pinup #mrsbellasdolls #champagnedolls #lifezieglass #giantmartiniglass #tributeproductions #evententertainment #weddingentertainment #retro #photoshoot #models #LAbased #glamorgirls #bellasdolls #retroswinsuit1tumblr_mn5u155wzw1qh1z3go1_1280

Happy 4th from San Diego Candy Girls

Celebrating freedom!Happy 4th everyone!! Love, Mrs Bella’s Dolls and Tribute Productions Talent & Entertainment ‪#‎4thofjuly‬ ‪#‎usvets‬ ‪#‎army‬ ‪#‎navy‬ ‪#‎airforce‬ ‪#‎marines‬ ‪#‎dancers‬ ‪#‎1940s‬ ‪#‎la‬ based ‪#‎pinupgirls‬Militarygirls

Great Gatsby Strolling Tables

Tribute Productions Talent & Entertainment Great Gatsby Event for The Boys & Girls Club Simi Valley on the film lot. Cigarette Girls & Candy Girls by Mrs. Bella’s Dolls we had so much fun Dolling up! ‪#‎greatgatsby‬ ‪#‎1920stheme‬ ‪#‎candygirls‬ ‪#‎fandancers‬ ‪#‎speakeasy‬ ‪#‎tributeproductions‬ ‪#‎mrsbellasdolls‬

Getting Gatsby this weekend


Were showing our support & Going Gatsby this weekend 1920s Style with Candy Girls, Flapper Dancers, Strolling Tables, Fan Girls all to help raise funds for Boys and Girls Club of Simi Valley KEEP THE ARTS ALIVE FOR THE CHILDREN! ‪#‎flappergirls‬ ‪#‎burlesquefandancers‬ ‪#‎mrsbellasdolls‬ ‪#‎fandancers‬ ‪#‎flappers‬ ‪#‎thegreatgatsby‬ ‪#‎gatsbygirls‬ ‪#‎strollingtables‬ ‪#‎humantables‬ ‪#‎tributeproductions‬ ‪#‎1920stheme‬

Why we choose to give back

As we prepare for this weekend’s very important fund raiser, we want to take a moment to reflect on the importance of “giving back” and our dedication as a Talent Agency that truly cares about our community and as performers who realize the gifts we have been blessed with. We hope we inspire you to think of your own unique ways to “give back”.

As the owner of both Tribute Productions Talent and Mrs. Bella’s Dolls, I do get many requests to donate our talents. Since 1983 I have been dedicated to charity foundations that support the wellness of children, animal welfare, and in music and dance therapy for the elderly. I advocate it for myself as well as my performing family (husband and daughter).

We will be at THE GATSBY GALA this weekend to raise funds for THE BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB raising funds to keep THE ARTS available for these beautiful young minds.

I know how ART changed my life and am excited to have our entertainment at this important event.

Bella & family for charity event

Light the Night

Little Bella learns how to give back

Hubby sings Elvis

Bella as Madonna and years of charit


Singing for the Elderly

Carrie Inabba Animal fund raiser

Animal rescue

 Practice Random Acts of Kindness…

Back in 1983 when I began my professional “performing” career I was faced with decisions on which direction I wanted to go with my performing career. In those early days I discovered quickly that my “act” was something that I could offer to others that somehow lifted, or brought to many, an experience that could bring happiness. Once I discovered this experience, I decided to sit and write (there was no email or Internet in those days) every charity foundation that involved children or animals. This decision still stands today and now that I am an agent and not always working as a performer, I still find ways to “give back”.

From LIGHT THE NIGHT LLS, to ANIMAL RESCUE foundations, RETIREMENT HOMES and working with the elderly, to raising funds to support the Arts for BOYS AND GIRLS Clubs- my commitment to give back has always been and will always be a priority for me.

The ability to receive lessons like this is priceless and
available to all of us. Selfless service will change anyone’s life for certain. The best
way to get over any personal problem for yourself is to give unconditionally to
someone else.

Working as a performer, my world opened to me BECAUSE of this understanding. My very
first request as a Madonna look-alike was to dance for sick and homeless children, and I
will never forget the impact of how a simple visit and performance brought such
joy to hundreds of young children. A simple request from Mom asking me if I
could come to a Christmas charity event and “dance like that girl that people say
you look like” broadened my understanding as a look-alike.
It was a challenge to understand this at first, as I thought “I am not the real
celebrity – what can I possibly do to cheer up anybody?” After this event and my
first visit to CHOC (Children’s Hospital of California), I quickly learned that most
of the children wanted to meet Madonna, and for some children it was a “last
request” before they went into life-threatening surgeries.
None of the children understood that I was “only a look-alike,” and the thrill of a
“celebrity” coming to visit them in their Hospital room was a highlight for many.
As a look-alike, early experiences like these brought my awareness to a new level.
What could be more rewarding to experience in this life than knowing that a
moment of time could mean making a loving difference by bringing the experience
of “celebrity” to someone who may never get the opportunity to meet a star?
By giving a personal visit, song, or dance, or merely signing an autograph, you
can make a lasting impression on someone’s life. Thousands of children’s hospitals,
retirement homes, and endless charities that need entertainment will give
you an opportunity to make a small difference. Find a cause that you feel passionate
about, and submit your promotional materials to their entertainment
department or coordinator.
Charities and nonprofit organizations can be easily found on the Internet or in your local Yellow Pages. There are some charities that offer pay for entertainment,but after you have experienced selfless giving, money, fame, or celebrity pales in comparison to the joy you will feel in your heart in experiencing this kind of connection with people of all ages and conditions.





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Destined to be a flapper!

Bella was a student of Theater for many years and received scholarships in both dance, and theater and choreography.  She  performed in the ART Company in Laguna Beach where many performances were college courses and performed at The Moulton Playhouse in Laguna. Bella’s love for theater, choreography and creating has never stopped and now she has the joy and blessings to make this what she does as her career.4f8372_6031ac804c7f47ba90cb8c7432c7b02c~mv2