Usherettes tonight

Dolling up at InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown with our adorable Usherette Dolls. Stop by and take a selfie with us & then tag us!- we would love to meet you and share your shot on-line!
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Retro Baseball theme


t’s a step back in time with our Celebrity Lookalikes in retro style for MOVIES UNDER THE STARS at DREAM WORKS STUDIOS with a baseball theme to take you out to the ball game!

BABE RUTH, JACK ROBINSON and our very own Mrs. Bella as ALL THE WAY MAY from A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN bringing some baseball fun and incredible step back in time.
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Canteen Girls at The Lost Property tonight for Wondery!


Super excited to be working for Wondery tonight with our USO Canteen Dolls at Lost Property Bar in Hollywood #canteengirls #usotheme #wondery #thelostpropertybar #pinupgirls #brandedtrays #customlogo #brandedlogo #militarytheme #mrsbellasdolls

Bringing the glam to every event booking

Mrs. Bella’s Dolls have become synonymous with Classic Hollywood glamor and serving a unique, pin-up style brand at special events, weddings, and parties since the company began in 1999.
We love seeing our event planners eye’s light up when we set up our Dolls and get them in place before the special event begins. What brings us more joy, are the looks on the guests faces as they get to engage, snap photos and selfies with our girls.
We strive to make every event we book unforgettable! and something guests will talk about for years to come.
Last night in Laguna Beach, our Champagne Dolls did just that! and we loved making our wedding planner look like the star!
When you or your party planner hire Mrs. Bella’s Dolls, we make sure we represent YOU!
We take great pride in our professional services we offer, and know our repeat Clients will get treated to the very best in service when they hire Mrs. Bella’s Dolls.
What could be better than having a beautiful Champagne Doll sitting in a life size champagne glass prop, pouring the bubbly and posing for photos with your party guests! We can’t think of anything! except maybe more MRS.BELLA’S DOLLS! #champagnegirls #lifesizeglass #giantchampagneglass #giantmartiniglass #champagnegirl #champagneshowgirls #mrsbellasdolls #girlinglass1dollsmarconi3

See us on TV!

We had an amazing day shooting our music video yesterday- stay tuned for snippets from a TV show shoot & music video with Bella’s Dancin Dolls #1940s #pinupgirls #tvshoot #mrsbellasdolls #bellasdancindolls #candygirls #dancers #bookings #uso #singers1A-BELLASDOLLSGROUP3

Happy girls are the prettiest girls


When I was a little girl, my Daddy would always take note of what I would tell him with “honey you can think about that in a different way”. I had no idea what he was talking about but he was always so concerned for me to look at my life experiences through the eyes of positive thinking. How lucky I was to have him show me by example when I was barely 9 or 10 years old how to shift my perception of any crappy life situation.¬† Dad would say “you can choose to feel like something bad is happening to you, or you can choose to get the lesson”. Wow how grateful I am today to have such a wise and insightful Daddy-O to guide what would be my life understandings for the rest of my life!

¬†Happiness doesn’t happen by chance. Either consciously or unconsciously, happy people choose to be happy. By their perception of life circumstances and either feeling like the victim or (as dad said) “see the lessons in it”.

So before your life speeds by too quickly, get up, get out, be like a child and play, challenge your fears, laugh out loud, run barefoot in the grass, forgive, let go, shift from victim thinking to gratitude, try something new, be yourself (everyone else is taken), be brave enough to show who you really are inside out, love often, kiss often, and simply try to make the choice of happiness in life.

and as my dear daddy would tell me ” remember even the prettiest of pin up girls are the most beautiful when they are happy human beings”