Bella’s Dolls bring Old Hollywood to Sunset Towers tonight

Very excited to bring some “Old Hollywood” Magic to our Event Booking tonight at The Sunset Tower Hotel with Tribute Productions Music and Cigarette Girls by Mrs. Bella’s Dolls- See more at and http://www.tributeproductions.comBella's Dolls at Sunset Towers

Mrs. Bella’s Dolls success on the set today

See beautiful Mrs. Bella’s Dolls Champagne Dolls, Life Size Champagne Glass with Showgirls, Vintage Showgirls, Candy Girls, Gatsby Flapper Girls and Strolling Champagne Skirts- See more at

Mrs Bella's Dolls

Gearing up for a very busy weekend with Bella’s Dolls and Tribute Productions Talent

Gearing up for 4 back to back Bookings for a very busy September 20th with our amazing talents; Dance Band Platinum Groove for our cherished repeat Client Oceana at Montage in Laguna Beach to our favorite Hollywood Dancers surprising a Bride & Groom at Shutters in Santa Monica, to OPRAH & JOHNNY DEPP working the red carpet in Anaheim and beautiful Cigarette Girls by Mrs. Bella’s Dolls and Paparazzi Actors in the Valley area. What a night for Tribute Productions Talent & Entertainment! Join us at our web sites and

4 back to back bookings tonight with Tribute
4 back to back bookings tonight with Tribute

Bella’s Dolls Dolling up BMW Beverly Hills tonight

Beautiful Mrs. Bella’s Dolls will be Dolling up BMW’s Appreciation Event tonight in Beverly Hills ~ Bella’s Dolls are always ready to add the Glam! See more at