Where did Cigarette girls originate?

Where Did Cigarette Girls Originate?

A “cigarette girl” refers to, in American and European culture, a person that sells cigarettes from a tray attached by a neck strap. These girls may also carry cigars and other novelty items like candy, roses, snacks, chewing gum and lighted jewelry. Let’s face it, nothing goes better with a champagne girl in a giant champagne glass than a cigarette girl!

Uniform For Cigarette Girls

The most common dress for a cigarette girl is a red and black short style skirt which comes above the knee. The dress is accompanied by a matching pill box. Many of these come in different colors and styles.

Cigarette girls can also be referred to as “candy girls”. This term is used since these women are often seen as “eye candy.” At one time they were employed to flirt with male customers in the hopes of receiving tips from wealthy businessmen.

A more modern image of the cigarette girl came to be in the 1920’s with the urbanization of America. Cigarette girls were frequently seen in Hollywood films and became a known symbol in the public.

Cigarette Girls In The Present Day

Cigarette girls became common in restaurants, clubs, bars, airports and casinos by the 1940’s. Cigarette girls can even still be found today in Las Vegas casinos. Bella’s Champagne Dolls can bring old Hollywood cigarette girls to your next Los Angeles event. Contact us today to learn more about our authentic cigarette girls! Your event will be sparkling with old Hollywood charm as our cigarette girls work alongside our champagne dolls for an evening filled with authentic old Hollywood charm.


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