Back to New York!


rs. Bella’s Dolls are proud to say we are back in the Big Apple for one of our special clients who have asked us back for year number 5 to Doll up Marcanudo for Equinix.

Our retro 1940’s cigar girls have their branded trays offering hand cut cigars and of course a selfie to each and every guest pin-up Bella’s Dolls Style!

Grateful to be back in New York! Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas

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2019 Kelly Blue Book Awards


uesday night our beautiful Dolls are branding up The Kelly Blue Book Awards show at the lovely Ace Hotel in adorable Usherette look along with custom branded logo trays handing out little cocktails made with the client’s event logo on them.

Custom branding, client branding, logo branding- we do it all! and love to help our Client’s promote their products and brand.

Serving it up Usherette Style- Mrs. Bella’s Dolls- your # 1 Candy Girl Company for all your brand ambassador, retro, vintage, pin-up and stylized, custom Doll entertainment!

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LED Champagne Tables- Las Vegas


ringing the light with our custom branded LED Human Champagne Table Lady to the lovely the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas tonight for Snowflake Computing

We love lighting up the room and lighting up the faces of our clients with our beautiful custom creations. Would you like to see your logo and brand name UP IN LIGHTS? contact us now to see how you can book your very own custom LED Champagne Table or Champagne Dress

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Branded Human Table lady tonight


onight’s branded event will be Dolling up for Yardi for a private event at the lovely Lowe’s Coronado in San Diego.

Our Client wanted our Champagne Table to have hues of greens and whites to match their brand and logo. We are excited to be a part of tonight’s celebrations and love making each event personalized just for each special client.
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Offering logo branding to your important sponsors fund raising ideas

 Offering logo branding to your important sponsors fund raising ideas

Are you having a fund raiser and looking for unique and fun ways to honor your VIP sponsors? How about giving your sponsors a way to get their brand to really show up and show off during your event or party.

 Mrs. Bella’s Dolls not only highlight your company name on our custom costuming and custom created candy girl trays, but we can also add your company logo on our giant props, musical instruments and even the food we hand out.

When your clients and sponsors see their names every place they turn, you can be sure they will feel like they are getting the V.I.P treatment!! and you make their generous donation the “highlight” of the night! Win-Win!!

Face Book Holiday Event in New York!

We had a blast entertaining FACE BOOK last night in New York – thumbs up to a wonderful party Face Book! #facebookholidayparty2016 #newyork #logobranding #models #pinupgirls #malemodels #facebookparty #mrsbellasdolls #1940s #salute #facebookbranding #intrepid  #militarytheme

Why your event needs a brand ambassador

Why You Need A Brand Ambassador

If your company is holding a big event, there are so many advantages to having brand ambassadors at your event. When our Champagne Dolls become a part of your company for a day, your brand will be completely transformed by a positive and complete representation of your company. Here’s some of the advantages to hiring brand ambassadors like the Champagne Dolls:

You’ll get feedback from customers

If the Champagne Dolls are a part of your company’s launch for a new product, people will be talking about the product and so much more. The Champagne Dolls give a unique twist to any event because of how our branded costumes fit with your company’s message. People will feel more comfortable and be more apt to tell you what they love and even what areas of the company may need improvement.

You can’t be everywhere

If you’re running a company, you can’t be everywhere to represent your brand. With services like Bella’s Champagne Dolls, you’ll find that your brand can be easily represented by professionals who know how to walk alongside you in celebrating what your brand means.

It will get people talking

As we said before, Bella’s Champagne Dolls provide a unique experience for partygoers and event attendees. When you hire them for brand ambassadors, you’ll see that people will now associate your company with that uniqueness and excitement.

People will get a better idea of what your brand is about

With branded costumes, life size props and a streamlined brand experience, the Champagne Dolls will make your company look good. Anyone in attendance will know what your brand is about and why they need it on their speed dial. When people have a positive thing to associate your brand with, they’re more likely to remember you and give you their business. What are you waiting for? Give the Champagne Dolls a call today!