Vintage Hollywood

Here at Bella’s Champagne Dolls, each and every one of our costumes are created just for our girls. You will not find anything similar to our costumes anywhere else. While our vintage Hollywood costumes emulate classic old Hollywood styles, ours are originals to be used for our show girls. Here’s we’ll look at the influencing factors of vintage Hollywood.
Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn are shining icons when we think of “vintage Hollywood.” Their styles were in fact contagious. In thinking about the style of this time, there’s a few key factors that set this style apart. It was very much about highlighting a woman’s attractive features and bringing out individuality in every woman. In fact, people are still using this style as a guide to this day due to its simplicity and allure.
Risqué outfits in the the present day would have never made it in the 1940’s. If you think of a cigarette girl, for example, they would dress much less conservatively than was typically acceptable in that time. Yet, their dress would be no match for something seen at an awards show today. Stilettos, strapless tops and poof skirts are all key parts of the look. Think elegant. Makeup for vintage Hollywood looks ranges from a natural vibe to the glam of cigarette girls with red lips and big lashes.
Bella’s Champagne Dolls take old Hollywood to the next level of course, with strolling tables and red carpet glam. Our Champagne girls are ready for any special occasion. Take a peek around our site and check out all of our beautiful vintage Hollywood costumes.1tumblr_mn5u155wzw1qh1z3go1_1280

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