Double Booked tonight for the Dolls

Today Bella’s Dolls will be working the NYX Cosmetic World Launch at Victoria’s Garden
Then tonigh Irby & Bella’s Dancin Dolls will be performing GATSBY at  Automobile Driving Museum. We know the world could use something to smile about- so come by & meet the Dolls and let them lift your spirits- more info at Bella's Dolls with Beauty Bloggers1IRBYANDDOLLS


Gatsby Bella’s Dolls in NEW YORK CITY tonight

Gatsby Dolls tonight in NEW YORK CITY
Tonight Bella’s Dolls will be dolling up a 1920s Themed Wedding in New York City We love creating an elegant and nostalgic experience for our Clients! See more Mrs. Bella’s Dolls at www.mrsbellasdolls.comGreat Gatsby Candy Girls

Triple Bookings today

TRIPLE Bookings today for Tribute Productions Talent & Entertainment​ and it is a “unique” day of Events.Mrs. Bella’s Dolls will be bringing the streets of New York to Tiffany & Co.​ The Sound of Music to Griffith Park​ and Kid Rock to Las Vegas. We love filling unique & specialty orders!! Happy Weekend friends!

DOUBLE Booked tonight for Bella’s Dolls!

Gatsby Girl Candy Girls will be working in NEW YORK tonight and Las Vegas Showgirls will be Dolling up Los Angeles tonight- Happy Saturday friends from

Great Gatsby Wedding with Bella’s Dolls

Great Gatsby Wedding tonight and Cigarette Girls by Mrs. Bella’s Dolls​ will be Dolling it up! Can’t wait to make someone’s most special day even more memorable! See more at Great Gatsby Candy Girls

Cougar Town & Gatsby Tonight for Bella’s Dolls!

DOUBLE Booked tonight! Clients requested Miss Gorgeous George to Doll up COUGAR TOWN Wrap Party! Then we are headed to OC to GATSBY it up with Mrs Bella’s Dolls, Champagne Dolls by Mrs. Bella’s Dolls and Live Music from the 1920s! We are ready to bring the Glam! Happy Weekend Guys & Dolls! See more at www.tributeproductions.comGATSBY PARTYRAPPARTY

Day 2 of Double Bookings for Tribute & Bella’s Dolls

2nd Day of Double Bookings; Day 2 at The Event Show with our Celebrity Lookalikes and then off to The Andaz Hotel with our Gatsby Show and Bella’s Dancin Dolls – We can’t wait! See more at

Triple Booked tonight Bella’s Dolls

Thrilled that Leg Avenue Lingerie loved Irby so much they have requested him for the 3rd time! Irby will be singing for the owner today then jetting off to Calabasas for a Private Holiday party with Bella’s Dancin Dolls Show and Cigarette Girls by Mrs. Bella’s Dollsand our beautiful Champagne Dolls by Mrs. Bella’s Dolls will be dolling up The Palm Downtown Los Angeles tonight. Last 3 Bookings before Christmas- Happy Holidays friends- count your blessings everyday!

French Riveria and Great Gatsby tonight with Bella’s Dolls

Beautiful Can Can Dancers by Tribute Productions will be taking guests to the French Riveria tonight at the Veranda Beach House and Great Gatsby Holiday Party at Club Buddha in Hollywood. Happy Holidays from Tribute Productions Talent & Entertainment. See more at and French Riveria and Gatsby tonight

Bella’s Dolls on KCAL 9 America’s Best!