Pennyworth premier

Pennyworth Premier tonight with these beauties! so much fun!!
So much fun tonight taking it back to London in the 1960’s for the premier of #Pennyworth at #Harmonygoldtheater
#MrsBellasDolls added toe perfect #CigaretteGirl touch to the night!Pennyworth is about former British SAS soldier Alfred Pennyworth as he forms a security company and goes to work with Bruce Wayne’s billionaire father, Thomas, in 1960s London
There are dark times ahead. #Pennyworth, new series premieres July 28th at 9/8c only on @epix. #PennyWorth #MrsBellasDolls #1960s #London #Cigargirls #Branding #pinup #BrandedTrays #customcostumes #TributeProductions #retro #casinogirls
Watch a sneak peek of the premiere on the EPIX NOW app:

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