Yasiel Puig Event tonight

Tribute Productions Talent is ready for a magical and mysterious evening tonight at Houdini’s Mansion Angeles thanks Yasiel Puig and says goodbye in style- all to benefit the children of his Wild Horse Children’s Foundation in Los Angeles Tributes cast of characters include ghostly bellhops and Starlet Dolls tour guides, Candy Girl Dolls, Fortune Tellers, Newsies, Human Strolling Tables and one of the night’s highlights is The Gentleman Psychic who will hold a seance trying to bring back the dead- calling forth Mr. Houdini himself. Our Old Hollywood Butler will greet you as guests enter into the unknown, beautiful flappers will dazzle and music will be loud! We promise a night of entertainment that’s “out of this world”!
The funds raised will be going directly to the Los Angeles community, for fields and facilities and the Children’s Home he is currently building in San Fernando where children will be able to play sports and have access to social, health and meal programs.
Who say’s Monday’s have to be boring!? We love to #GiveBack
#TributeProductions #YasielPuig #TheWildHorseFoundation #givingbacktothecommunity #bellhops #tourguides #TheHoudiniMansion #HarryHoudini #candygirls #flappers #HumanTableLady #StrollingTable #ChampagneDolls #Newsies #Bellboys #tarotreaders #psychics #seance #EventEntertainment #OldHollywood

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