City of Hope

1ROYALGROUPMAINAll of us at Tribute strongly believe in “giving back” be it working with the elderly, funding projects to rescue and help abused animals and most and closest to our heart-bringing some joy to young people and children.

Owner of Tribute (Denise Bella Vlasis) began her career donating her time (as Madonna) visiting children in hospitals, performing at any and every foundation involving children.

To this day Bella believes with all her heart that any time donated by performers to any cause close to their heart is one of the most rewarding and important experiences of utilizing their gifts.

Share, give, and care enough to donate your time to lift someone up.
Tonight Bella & friends will share a special and “royal” night with The City of Hope and YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME once again for the beautiful kids of City of Hope patients to bring a little magic and hope for a very special prom. What an honor to be a part of this special night.

#GiveBack #CityofHope #prom #royaltheme #donateyourgifts #donateyourtime #forthechildren


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